African rock python constricts Impala

While traveling through the Kruger National Park we where lucky to see a large African rock python which had just caught a young impala ram. 

Blue bird of paradise in Papua New Guinea

The opportunity and time finally arrived to see birds of paradise in the wild in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Leopard leaps towards birds in flight

While travelling along the dry Nossob River bed in the Kgalagardi Transfrontier Park, leading a small group , I was very fortunate to observe and photograph a young male leopard catching Namaqua and Burchell's sandgrouse in mid-flight. It was a very special wildlife experience that we where very lucky to see.

Black-browed Albatrosses off Cape Town

Cape Town's offshore waters are amongst the best destinations in the world to view pelagic seabirds.

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